ABOUT HECTECThe company HegTec Technologies GmbH operates internationally in petrochemical, oil and gas, machinery construction and power industries, specialized in trade and research services. We pledge ourselves to provide nonstandard, efficient and resources-saving solutions.

Worldwide supply of technical equipment and spare parts for numerous industrial fields

Through our industry-specific knowledge and experience, we supply high quality products, meeting many-sided requirements and bundling multiple products into solutions:

Scouting for innovative manufacturers and equipment
Scouting for innovative manufacturers and equipment

We have a cross-industry network of manufactures, experts and innovative companies to meet specialized industry needs.

Logistics services
Logistics services

We offer complete supply package including financing, shipping services & insurance for the delivery period.

Cost analysis
Customs clearance

We implement our knowledge of legal regulations and requirements of the respective countries of origin and destination to support our customers in customs clearance process.

Plant revamp projects
After-sales services

Our after-sales services include installation and commissioning, final acceptance testing, production start-up support, training of personnel, maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts.


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